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Photos © Kuba Cichocki and Dariusz Malach
Graphics/WebDesign: Konstanze Winkler
There are so many beautiful dance events in Europe, how can we hope to visit them all? That’s why we invented the “Hagalladies”, our outdoor reporters of sorts. They are the brave women, who report for us from far away. We have made many wonderful experiences with this system, but this one is unique: The Spanish dancer Noemi Loranca went to the festival “Tribal Vanguard” in Polish Poznan. The organiser there, Iza Loganowicz, was thrilled from this idea immediately, and to make a long story short here are Noemi’s impressions:


This was one festival, which I will keep in my mind for a long, long time. Not only the dance art shown was beyond measure, the way the organisers treated their guests was fabulous as well.

“Tribal Vanguard” started on Friday, November 12th with the workshops of French-American artist Anasma and her “Art Project”. There the students learned new insights into the improvisation techniques of Anasma and after that they had the possibility to express themselves and their dancing to the music of the live musicians. What an unbelievable experience to dance to live music. Thank you so much, Anasma and musicians, for this opportunity.

This was followed by the workshop of the one and only Ashley Lopez from the US. Here she taught us the importance of expressive dancing. It is not enough to know the steps of your dance, the way you present your dance and the mimics that go with it are very important as well. Wonderful experiences, indeed. After these workshops Anasma, Ashley and the ladies from the “Art Project” picked us up for a meal in the next town, where they served some marvellous sweets and desserts!

Saturday, the 13th arrived and we began this new day with the workshops of Anasma and her “Art Project”, once again with live music. The students prepared for their improvised performance at the festival. Everybody in class treated each other with respect and amiability. Afternoon awaited us with the workshop of Ashley Lopez. The place was packed with students, which meant that many people had already arrived to the festival. We were treated with a super tribal fusion techniques workshop, which was crowned with an excellent choreography. Thank you, Ashley, you are magic!

At the evening we had a night hafla with ATS (American Tribal Style) as main feature. There were tremendous dance acts, delicious food and snacks and at the end free for all ATS dancing. What a great party with much laughter and sheer joy of life!

The big day had come, at last! Saturday the 14th, the day we had been eagerly awaiting. In the morning Anasma gave two spectacular workshops; the first one was about “snakes” and she repeated it again and again, until all students were able to let their snake respectively out and enjoyed it. The second one covered dancing interpretations. Anasma is one hell of a teacher! Later Ashley showed us breath taking shimmies; here workshop was filled to the last space, again. Unbelievable!

And this takes us to the dance festival proper. For starters we had the Open Stage, where you could see an array of amateurs, who presented their first steps on a public stage with much elegance and proud stance. I’m convinced that we will hear again from many of them, provided they will go on working hard.

Next came the evening gala separated in two blocks, and all taken together it was a terrific show, which you won’t see every day. The artists came from Poland, France, Spain, Russia, USA and many other countries. Every dancer had her own characteristic and individual style, which made her dance unique. The audience was presented a super visual spectacle. And this is true not only for the dance acts but also the special location (a theatre), the costumes, the music, the lights, the organisation, and, well everything without exception was perfect. 10 points out of ten! The respect and the cordiality between the artists were memorable. Everybody was congratulated and all gave their compliments to the others. This was a really gladdening experience.

Iza Logonowicz, the promoter, has made it possible that quite a few dancers of high levels came together. And from this she created a festival full of love, respect, and amiability. After the show we all went to a Mexican restaurant for a good meal and it became a very long evening. We had so much to talk with each other, but mostly how wonderful it is that this dance has spread all around the world. Nobody wanted this evening ever to end …

Sunday, 15th the last day of the festival. We went to the last workshops: Anasma on Yoga, “exceptionelle” like ever! And so was Ashley Lopez. I feel more than distinguished by having the chance to learn from two such high class teachers. After these the festival came to an end and we all went out for a last meal. Yes, you’re guessing right, we ended at the place, where they serve these really gorgeous cakes and desserts! Gosh we do love the sweet stuff!

The way Iza and her team treated us we felt at home in this land, we have never been to before. From the deep of my heart I wish to get the chance one day to be together again with these wonderful people and their super festival! Iza is not only a superb dancer but has also a great personality. And when you took a thorough view at her festival you colud see, what a perfect promoter she is. Many, many thanks for the great hospitality, for taking me to your home, and congratulations for “Tribal Vanguard”, a show that you can never forget!

Noemi Loranca

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Art Project
"Great visual Spektacle"

by Noemi Loranca
(translated from Spanish by Konstanze Winkler,
after that translated into English by Marcel Bieger)