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Photos ©: Jacek Karckmarczyk, Margofoto, Shimon Rogala
Our "hagalladies", Doro and Michaela have been on tour again for "Hagalla" magazine, this time to Warsaw to the 2nd Tribal Hafla Festival (where they performed as well). The "Nakari" have written an elaborate report in English language about the festival, which we are proud to present online, but in two parts. We firmly believe that you can't get any better and more thorough view into the Polosh tribal scene at the moment of time being.


Tribal Hafla Festival, 6th May 2016

by Doro and Michaela, who together are „Duo Nakari“


Our first time at a Polish Tribal Festival left us very impressed and wanting more. Our trip to the Tribal Hafla Festival in Warsaw begins very early in the morning, but the warm welcome by the organizers Agata Zakrzewska and Dominika Suchecka makes up for the early hours.

The Tribal Hafla is a young festival and this year is its second edition. The whole event comes together with the help of the local community, as dancers, fans and friends all give a helping hand. As Agata says, that is what being in a tribe means! 

Framed between the Trance-Formations Show presented by the festival and the Tribal Smash Party organized now for the fourth time by Patsy Dyjas and Magdalena Wilczynska of Kachina Tribe, are the diverse workshops spread over three days and offering different styles. Represented this year are American Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion choreographies, Urban Fusion and the historically first Unmata Improvisational Tribal Style in Poland! 
But first about the big Show, the


An old-school Tribal Fusion choreography by Agata Zakrzewska, performed by her two Tribal Fusion student groups consisting of twelve dancers, opens the Pre-Show with fresh Tribal talents from Poland to a loud and supportive audience. - Iza Cichowska dances an isolation-focused Fusion solo to a pop-song remix, using strong accents and hard contrasts.

Natalia and Asia of Perperuna Project dance American Tribal Style Improvisation to  a Croatian Folksong, spreading their colourful skirts an unexpectedly switching between fast and slow movements. - Dominika Suchecka’s class from Riviera school of dance in Warsaw presents an energetic Fusion quintet, joined by two more dancers for a Bellydance drumsolo choreography.
Confident and strong, Sara shares her love of dance in a Dubstep Fusion solo, showing off her favourite moves and having fun on stage. - From their favourite music and their favourite dance style Agata Andrzejewska and Katarzyna Świtoń created a Dark Fantasy Fusion duet to a Nine Inch Nails song, using lots of clockwork-like arm movements.

Dominika Suchecka’s group of five students perform new-school Tribal Fusion to the song „Do You?!“ by TroyBoi, accenting the music with ticking technique and formation changes. - Don’t let the name Noir mislead you, even if they have darker inclinations, they also know how to have fun fusing very different styles. Tonight the quartet brings far-eastern influences mixed with electro-swing, using framing formations to highlight each dancer.
Ania Kornacka steps out of her host role to perform an introspective solo leading to an expressive ending, to the song „Black Ivory“. - In a joyful and fun balkan style choreography with ATS elements, the four dancers of Mantykora play with the interesting exchanges between chorus, duets and solos.

The Kachina group enters the stage holding candles and evokes the many-armed god in their mystical dynamic choreography, skirting the edge of klischee and delivering a beautiful dance of lightness and strength, individuality and harmony, light and shadow. - The performance group of Dominika Suchecka from the Warsaw School of Dance ‘Saggat’ performs a fusion choreography by Dominika to a remix of the song “Left Alone”. The eight dancers take full use of the stage in the piece influenced by elements of modern dance and simple, streamlined costuming.

"Only the force resulting from the female community allows you to tame your demons. Only full confidence allows for the destruction of the healing trance."

The Show begins with a breathtakingly powerful interpretation of the Zar ritual by Flames of Bellydance, diploma choreography by Agata Zakrzewska, who graduated in choreography and dance technique at the Music Academy in Lodz. The Zar ritual is a tradition practiced in many Arab countries, where women meet and dance into a trance that helps them tame the demons that plague them.

Support and belonging to a female group is a link that connects this tradition with contemporary Tribal Fusion, which gave the inspiration for creation of this fusion spectacle. The dancers in blood red costumes and with flowing hair hypnotize the whole room as they give everything on stage, and only with the final beat of the drum we realize we’ve been holding our breath the whole time.
Ana Sejfried and Beata Dogan have been dancing together for over three years. Today they bring Indian flavour to the stage with a Rajastani piece, addressing the audience with their expressive gestures, underlined with beautiful traditional costumes. - To the sounds of electronic music, in a silver and grey costume, Alicja’s solo utilizes turns, spins and shimmies, combining strength with delicate, smooth movements.
Gosia and Kasia show us a joyful ATS number, taking full advantage of all the wonderful possibilities and variations of a duet formation, and accompanying the dance with zills. - Constructing her solo around excitingly unexpected movement approach,  Iza Logonowicz reaches into her Laban technique experience and makes her subtle music come alive in the space between calmness and tension.
We - Nakari - present our recent piece “Swamp Gods”, inspired by Thriftworks’ music, and a poem by Mary Oliver: “Here is the endless wet thick cosmos, the center of everything… Here is swamp, here is struggle, closure - pathless, seamless, peerless mud.”
Khorasan province in eastern Iran. Women of nomadic tribes are weaving the famous traditional carpets as one of them starts to complain about her loneliness and talks about her beloved who went to war. Alexandra Afsanesara Apsara presents a unique fusion of Tribal with elements of Persian dance and the dances of Central Asia. 
Menada Dance Collective from Warsaw are represented by Eka Madziarowicz and Kasia Zagubieniak in their signature style of confident and cheeky Fusion to electro-pop music, using speedy formation changes and showing off their legs when accentuating the music with fast kicks and steps.
An experimental collaborative belly dance performance in three acts:

"Addiction - demons, loneliness, release" seems calm with underlying tension, with continuous exchanges between groups and solos via controlled fluid martial art-like movements, and minimalistic costuming set against harsh electronic music. Choreography by Magdalena Wilczyńska. Dancers: Dominika Suchecka, Izabela Cichowska, Catherine Wronka, Magdalena Wilczyńska, Nika Woźnicka and Karolina Pawlowska.
A guest from Peru but currently living in Switzerland, Fiorella pays hommage to her home with a dance of quiet joy, subtle elegant movements and feminine energy, surprising with dramatic turns and delightful bellyrolls. - Krakow group Samarkanda presents a choreography combining two worlds so far apart that the movement between them requires constant change of planes and tight formations, traveling all over the stage. Irish dance meets Tribal style and does so masterfully in a fusion debut of the new composition of the team!
Melli Sarina from Germany shows her developing personal style with precise technique, fluid transitions and interprets the music through soft accents and liquid waves.

Three ATS Sister Studio directors Agata Zakrzewska and Katarzyna Lidia from Warsaw and Philippa Moirai from London join forces and present their mastery of ATS in a slow-starting piece, that picks up speed as they pick up their skirts and use them to underline the moves and pull the audience into a whirlwind of colour.
Dominika Suchecka brings to the stage a dreamily introspective solo, following the music with rapid isolations and elegant spins, underlined by floorwork sections and a captivating finale. - Magdalena Niernsee Lakshmi has recently completed a four-year study of Kathak dance in New Delhi. Currently, she teaches at the Centre for Indian Culture and Sport in Warsaw. Today's choreography illustrates a young woman decorated with ornaments before a meeting with the beloved during the monsoon season.
Philippa Moirai enters the stage with an ATS solo set to music by Djinn, and is joined by Agata and Katarzyna playing zills for a fast-paced improvisation building up to an exciting finale. - Piny Orchidaceae describes herself as a dreamer and an art lover and her solo ‘Sincerity’ speaks with an emotional honesty. Shining through with strength and control in her fluid skillful floorwork she captivates the audience till the very end.

Mat Jacob steps on the stage and dances a choreography that was the subject of today’s workshop, and it is always a special experience to see a piece you’ve learned yourself just a few hours earlier.

Her graceful and strong performance is set to a psychedelic Indian love song from the seventies with lots of unexpected accents and a dreamy feminine feeling.
Doro & Michaela, Nakari
Iza Cichowska
Schülerinnen von Dominika Suchecka
Kasia und Agata
Students of Dominika Suchecka
Ania Kornacka
Students of Dominika Suchecka
Flames of Bellydance
Ana & Beata
Iza Logonowicz
Doro & Michaela,  Duo Nakari
Menada Dance Collective
Collaboration Belly Dance Performance
Melli Sarina
Dominika Suchecka
Philippa Moirai, Agata Zakrzewska and Katarzyna Lidia
Pini Ochidaceae
Mat Jacob
Philippa Moirai
Gosja & Kasia
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