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Photos ©: Jacek Karckmarczyk, Margofoto, Shimon Rogala, Maciek, Beta-Artphoto
Our "hagalladies", Doro and Michaela have been on tour again for "Hagalla" magazine, this time to Warsaw to the 2nd Tribal Hafla Festival (where they performed as well). The "Nakari" have written an elaborate report in English language about the festival, which we are proud to present online, but in two parts. We firmly believe that you can't get any better and more thorough view into the Polosh tribal scene at the moment of time being.


Tribal Hafla Festival, 6th May 2016

by Doro and Michaela, who together are „Duo Nakari“


Doro & Michaela, Nakari
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Piny Orchidaceae from Portugal is a very sought after festival teacher in Europe right now, bringing her main areas of work – Breakdance, House Dance, Lofting, Waacking and Contemporary Dance to the Tribal Fusion scene. She says about herself that she is „a dreamer, an art lover, a passionate and intense performer, and a dedicated teacher with a special taste for challenges and breaking boundaries.“

Her “Floorwork Fusion Skills” workshop starts off the whole festival, and brings a general approach to Contemporary and Breakdance floorwork and David Zambrano’s Flying Low technique. Even complete floorwork beginners are rolling and sliding along the floor by the end of the two hours, thanks to Piny’s encouraging but demanding teaching approach.

Mat Jacob from Canada is a student of Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements program, a guest dancer of Kami Liddle’s dance company Gold Star, and a Level III certified Unmata ITS teacher. She has recently moved to Barcelona and is traveling the festival circuit in Europe, sharing her dance and finding new inspirations.

In her “Hop! Hop! Hop! Choreography” workshop she introduces everyone to a love song by an Indian psychedelic band from the seventies and taught a soft but powerful choreography, playing with subtle accents and cheeky expressions. It is a bonus to see her perform the full choreography at the evening show!

Philippa Moirai from England is a lifelong dancer and performer with background in classical dance, fire and circus performance arts. For over a decade she has specialised in American Tribal Style, travels worldwide and strives to remain true to this dance form whilst sharing the knowledge and passion that she has for it.

Philippa handpicks slow and fast steps that wonderfully fit an Indian themed ATS set in her “Indian Inspired ATS” workshop, using original FatChanceBellyDance vocabulary as well as movement dialect by Devi Mamak’s Ghawazi Caravan and Megha Gavin’s Deviyani. Playing with formation changes and practicing with different partners gives us the chance to fully dance out the learned steps and grasp the introduced concepts.


Tribal Smash is a semi-regular performance evening, organized by Kachina Tribe, and this was the special festival edition with focus on American Tribal Style and collaborations between tribes, dancers and musicians. 

For the opening performance, dancers from all over Poland have gathered to create The Siren Project for the first time, led by two FCBD Sister Studio leaders: Agata Zakrzewska and Katarzyna Lidia. The dancers are exploring what happens when ATS meets flamenco, skillfully using fans, wooden zills and their flamenco skirts.  

Kasia Malach and Sonia Jankowiak from Poznan show in their ATS duet that they know their music really well and perfectly catch every beat and every pause.

Evoking the traditions of circle dances that can be found in tribes all over the world, Kachina Tribal Bellydance invite the audience to visit women from the Banjara Tribe, who are referenced by their traditional Indian skirts over tiered jaipur skirts. They follow the tempo changes and weave in various other formations that always dissolve back into a circle.

Agata Zakrzewska’s Tribal Fusion student group then sweeps us away with their fringed shawls, creatively complementing the dancing with these unusual accessories and creating elegant lines and dynamic turns.

In an energetic tribal fusion solo, Alicja Cyganik from Wroclaw performs to a Beats Antique song that was used as a part of Jillina Carlanos ‘Alice in Wonderland’ show, where Alicja was cast along dancers from all over the world.

Beata Dogan from Katowice changes the rhythm with her Turkish Roman solo, bringing across the grounded feminine energy and confident attitude of this dance.
From Warsaw come eight dancers of the Omphalos Tribe, demonstrating the wonderful energy created in the harmonious American Tribal Style group improvisation.  They complement the classical elements, like turbans and zills, with baskets, and put interesting twists on ATS movements.

Flames Of Bellydance masterfully represent old school Tribal Fusion in a dynamic choreography by Agata Zakrzewska, starting with a drum solo piece and raising the energy, flowing seamlessly between beautiful formations.

The second half of the show welcomes on the dancefloor the ATS students of Agata Zakrzewska, some of them performing for the first time and all committing to a genuine improvisation to the sounds of Balkan music and zills.
Magdalena Wilczyńska, who is a co-organizer of Tribal Smash, shows us in her mesmerizing solo the thin line between beauty and ugliness, floating weightless through space before cutting it with sharp movements and freezes.

Bringing us back to the folkloric roots of Tribal Bellydance, three members of the tribe Ouled Nail from Poznan zaghareet, play their zills, and pull us into a whirlwind of the ATS group improvisation and their own dialect steps.

Patsy Dyjas is a co-organizer of Tribal Smash and a passionate Tribal dancer. In her solo, she starts on the floor contemplatively, and later contrasts it with explosive movement quality, as she is joined by Nika Woźnicka for their duet titled ‘Rebirth.Time. Awareness.’, illustrating the fight against apathy in the world and the call for awakening. The final part is Nikas solo, fusing African dance movement and earthy, heavy presence that dissolves into lightness.
Cat and wine lover and bellydance fusion enthusiast, Ana Sejfried loves mixing styles and improvisation is in her blood. She brings an improvised oriental fusion solo to the dancefloor and playfully engages the audience.

Parolina from Warsaw commands the stage with her intense presence and illustrates the electronic music with precise isolations interrupted by unexpected spins.
Showcasing the beauty and elegance of American Tribal Style, the oldest ATS tribe in Warsaw, The Siren Society, enter the dancefloor to a slow melody and take our breaths away with exciting Duelling Duets, followed by superfast zilling and dancing, never losing their precision and wide smiles.

The sound of a framedrum fills the room as Muladaram start playing and slowly adding more percussion and instruments to accompany their dancers on the journey to connect to earth and become the music.
Duo Nakari is guest at the 10th International Tribalfestival, June, 10th - 12th 2017 in Hanover!
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