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05.06.14 - "Keep the beer cool - We're riding the wind" - Greetings from DUD & ESZTER
26.05.14 - "Dreams really come true" - Interview with JASIRAH (Poland)
current Tribal Festival news:
Seven is the magic number and 2014 for the seventh time Tribal Festival Hanover will come over all tribalettes, triballoves and triballoonies. Loyal companion will be the "Hagalla" ticker again with red hot and entertaining, little and big bits and pieces around THE event of the European tribal year.
Who will be "Sister Festival" this year, who will rival who at the "Tribal Star" contest, who will let shine the tribal heaven of the Saturday gala. And who the heck are all these people on and behind the stage? Last not least the big Friday sensation, the new dancical from Jillina and her BDE. The European premiere and the second time on stage world wide, what is behind "Alice in Wonderland"?
So come on and marvel, together with "Hagalla".
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May, 26th 2014


Interview with Jasirah, the winner of BDE's "People's Choice"
by Marcel Bieger

The times are history, when dancers from Eastern Europe came alone and timid to us. Nowadays dancers like Jamilah from Poland has performed at the world premiere of the latest BDE production in San Diego, CA. and at the European premiere of this show we can also marvel at a Polish dancer, Jasirah, who has also won BDE’s “People’s Choice”.

Please tell us about you and your life, how did belly dance find you and why did you stick to it?
Actually my whole life is dancing. I started very early in primary school, when my parents sent me to a professional ballroom dance school. I have trained for 10 years and participated in hundreds of ballroom dance competitions.
I had a little break, because I have been preparing myself for passing secondary school certificate which - I thought then - would decide about my future as biotechnologist. I passed all exams, started studying biotechnology and then I came across Sadie & Kaya’s video on You tube. I liked it so much, especially the drum solo, that I decided to enroll to oriental dance school. I quickly finished all classes and levels and became dance instructor. I had no idea then, that this would be my future. I totally fell in love with oriental dance, I wanted to know its history, technique, styles, got to know all Arabic folkloric dances and props. Now oriental dance is my life, my passion, and my work, I teach regular classes and workshops in Poland, I learn during belly dance festivals, I participate in competitions, open stages, galas and now I have the chance to perform with the biggest and most famous belly dance project – Bellydance Evolution.
Dreams really come true.
How did you come in contact with Jillina and the BDE? What made you take part at the contest and what were your feelings, when you made 1st place?
For many years I watched and admired Jillina on the net and studied her instructional videos, but I met her for the first time over two years ago during an oriental dance festival in Poland. She was such a good teacher! She was perfectly prepared

for her workshops, every minute of it was worth to dance and listen. On the Gala Show she gave amazing performances and then I started to follow her projects on You tube regularly.

The second time I met her on Sicily this year and she was even better! Two months after that the premiere of “Alice in Wonderland” saw the light of the day and I thought “now or never”! I enrolled the competition and I was more than happy that I nailed it. During every casting for BDE there is the “people’s choice” award to win. I let know my family, friends, students and other Polish dancers about the voting. I never expected that they would engage their families, friends, colleagues etc., also. I really did’t expect so much support and commitment. When I found out that I had won, I was very thankful and happy, but I think the most beautiful and moving about this contest is to see how many people appreciate what you do and how kind they are to put their time and thoughts to help you. All Poland connected to let me win, this is the biggest prize and I will always remember this.
What will we see from you at the European premiere of "Alice in Wonderland"?
In the preshow I am going to dance my own solo. I think I can tell you it will be a powerful drum solo. In the main show I will be a part of many colorful, shining scenes. I am learning my choreographies now and I think this show is spectacular! There will be not only belly dancing in it, but also other, powerful styles. I wish BDE will come to Poland one day to amaze the Polish audience.

How come so many Polish artists are part of the BDE (not only you, but for instance
Jamilah, also)?
I think that there are many aspiring dancers in Poland that want to learn from best teachers in the world.

They travel around the world for festivals and competitions to develop their dance skills and career. Belly dance Evolution gives us more than only learning choreographies. I think it is also a chance to see how the whole show is created, how many people work on it, how to be a good teacher for our students, how to work in a group or how to lead a group, how to work under time pressure etc. It is a chance to meet wise and experienced people and new friends with the same passion as yours.
Have you been to Germany before?
It will be my first time in Germany, but I hope not last one. I already watched photos of Hanover on the net and I hope we will have some time to visit Altes Rathaus and Old Town after rehearsals. 

What are your future plans?
This year and in 2015 I am going to travel a lot. Recently I was happy to win several free passes for European oriental dance festivals. I think it would be a sin not to take this advantage, so I am going to participate in all of them.  I am going also to hold regular classes and privates, lead workshops and the summer belly dance camp in Poland. In March 2015
I am going to organize the second edition of the Oriental Dreams Festival in Krakow with the Oriental Queen of Poland competition. This all makes me very excited!

Jasirah on facebook:
Jasirah's YouTube channel:

June, 5th 2014

Greetings from Denmark and Hungary
The Scandinavian "Tribal Mama" Dud Muurmand honours us once more with her appearance at the Tribal Festival Hanover. This superb artist sends us her greetings in advance so we don't have to wait too long:

"Hanover, here I come!! ... 
Greetings from
Dud Muurmand

Your all-time-Danish-Viking-drama-queen is packing her dance gear to come south for this 7th tribal heaven in Hanover.

I am indeed very proud to be on the line-up for this special event and I cannot wait to present you with my special workshop topic of Drama Fusion .. and I can assure you that drama will also be the topic for my performance on the Saturday Night Tribal Show.
You will also find me in the jury of the Tribal Star competition - thank you so much to Asmahan and the festival organizer-team for that trust! Tribaldance Denmark is very happy to support this award with a prize for our Tribal CPH-event.

But, not only dancing is the attraction here for me .. let me just say that I have been warmed deeply by the many positive reactions to my coming and I look forward to a full weekend of catching up with my "family" in Hanover ... (keep the beer cool!!)
Last year she came for the first time to Tribal Festival Hanover und was ivited from the spot to dance in the pre-show of the BDSS Club Tour . But she liked everything else, too, a great deal and for that reason she is coming back this year. Who I'm talking about? Eszter Rembeczki, of course, one of the finest Hungarian Tribal Fusion artists from studio Mahasti in Budapest.

Hello, Hanover!
It's wonderful to visit you again in the middle of June! I'm waiting tipsytoe to meet these amazing people, dancing together, seeing each other, learning & smiling a lot at this lovely Festival! With: "Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams, and fairy tales, that's all she ever thinks about, riding the wind ..." /from: Jimi Hendrix "Riding the Wind"
The best and warmest tribal-greetings from Danmark

Workshop with Dud Muurmand
Sat., 14th June 2014, 15:00 - 17:00 h

Drama Fusion Combos and Drama Exercises.
How to tell a story with your body. Bring out a story or a character
on stage. Level: open ...
Registration ...



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