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"Colors of Tribal"
Show of Tribal D.A.CH. Vereins
Juli, 29th 2011 in Elsoff

The Show Interviews


Interview with Carolena Nericcio

by Marcel Bieger

Homepage Carolena Nericcio and FCBD:
Photos ©: "Carolena" by Sean Valley, all others © Kristina Adams
You see my point. It was more viable, for the longevity of ATS, to allow people to use good judgement and enjoy experimenting and creating. It keeps the juices flowing, people are happy and feel involved in the evolution instead of waiting for me to "OK" their ideas.

The first announcement sent the bellydance world  reeling. People were so upset with me, they were downright rude in their comments. They thought I was opening up ATS to be blended with other styles, but that's not what I meant. The core troupes were afraid that the less dedicated troupes would be able to call  themselves ATS when they were really doing Fusion.
But I clarified  that any of the new Modern steps had to fall into the Classic ATS format that we weren't taking steps from other styles and making them ATS and that Fusion is still Fusion. It was a really simple concept that got really confusing. Even the Sister Studios that were complaining admitted that they had new steps! But now it's all good. We just put 20+ new steps on the new DVD, Tribal Basics Vol. 9 Anatomy of a Step (due out this Fall.) As I mentioned earlier because of time constraints, I can't add these to the GS certified course, butyou'll all be free to use them, as will we. And of course we can offer workshops to showcase the new steps and combinations.

Would you be so kind to tell us more about your (planned) book?

Oh, right. Well I was really going great guns on that project last year, but so many things have stepped in the way that it's on hold right now. I've asked my business partner, Megha Gavin of Devyani  Dance Co., to help me write it. The idea is a book called  FatChanceBellyDance, the making of American Tribal Style Belly Dance. I want it to be about me and the circumstances that led me to create ATS. It won't be an instructional book (we have one of those in the  works now!) it will be a biography of the dance.
Please tell us something more about the contest to find new names for "ATS Old School"  
and "ATS New Style".

I thought Old School and New School were good names, but a lot of people didn't like them, so I wanted people to get involved in the process of naming the new divisions of ATS. Here are the entries, we decided on Classic ATS (for Old School) and Modern ATS (for New School) and we have a commemorative t-shirt to honor all of the entries.
Here are the entries:

Contemporary ATS
ATS Basics/ATS Variations
Classical ATS/Next Gen ATS
Core ATS/Expanded ATS
Traditional ATS/Creative ATS
Foundational ATS FATS
Creative ATS CATS
Traditional ATS TATS
Progressive ATS PATS
First Order/New Order
Classic Nericcio ATS/New Age ATS
ATS Heart/ATS Spirit
ATS Basics/ATS Variations
Has there been any or is there any resistance or any opposition against your ATS, or are you mostly fighting ignorance.

Do you mean in the beginning, 24 years ago? Or now? In the beginning, yes, there was opposition from the traditionalists who thought I was criticizing the classic dances. And truth be told, we didn't have the whole game plan at the start so we didn't look as smooth as we do now. So, I understand where they were coming from. But as we pulled the style together and started to present a more polished look, they seemed to calm down. I'm sure there are still some who don't consider ATS to be belly dance, but they have to admit that I put belly dance on the map and got more people involved.
Would you say that organisations like the German "Tribal D.A,CH.", a merging of Tribal dancers and supporters will help to promote  and to encourage the further progress of ATS, at least in Germany, Switzerland and Austria?

We do rely on organizations like "Tribal D.A,CH." to help spread the word!

Where will we see ATS  Tribal at the end of this year and at the end of this decade?

At the end of this year, I hope to see a full calendar for next year. At the end of the decade I'd like to see ATS figure more prominently in the mainstream media. It's a conundrum to me that belly dance is world wide, but completely underground in terms of the media. Although we did have a German journalist come by the FCBD Studio last week to take a sample class, she is traveling 12 cities in 12 months and writing about the experiences she's having. So hopefully you'll hear about ATS and FCBD in a German periodical soon!

And last but not least: This is your first "official" visit to  
Germany, isn't it? What do you know about Germany and what do you expect?

I am so excited to be visiting Germany for the first time! I know there are lots of enthusiastic dancers there and I'm looking forward to connecting with as many as I can. I'd love to see a museum if possible, and hope I can find vegan food!

Link to: „ATS Old School“ and „ATS New Style“:
Graphics and layout: Konstanze Winkler
"Carolena" - Photo by Sean Valley
Carolena Nericcio
Carolena and her troup "FatChanceBellyDance"
FCBD-Studio, San Francisco
Will you lecture or discuss about "Your Statement" from last year  about the state of ATS, "ATS Old School" and "ATS New Style" to German dancers, who would be eager to hear about it.

It would be easier for folks if they just go to my website* to read the whole story about my decision regarding Classic ATS and Modern  ATS. But in a nutshell, there are so many ATS dancers coming up with their own steps and combinations, that it's become impossible for me to review them all and put them into the official lexicon of ATS  steps. FCBD used to maintain control of all new steps and combos. Some people understood the need for that and some people thought it was limiting.

I have a 20 General Skills for ATS course, (that I'll be  presenting in Dillenburg 25-31 Jul 2011) but I can't possibly add all the new steps and combos as the 20 hour course would just keep getting longer and longer. It started out as a 15 hour course, an expanded to 20 hours within a few years.

please, follow this link to: