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You became a renown tribal fusion duet in quite a short time, not only in your home country, Austria, but also internationally. Which is not a too big surprise, because the two of you have traveled to many place abroad. Where have you been already?

Hm, we don’t think that it was such a short time. At least we both started belly dancing in 2004, not knowing each other, then. But as Nakari Duet we will have our 10th anniversary in 2018. In these years a lot has happened and we achieved a lot, but since we both went studying (Doro has studied education for contemporary dance at the conservatoire in Vienna, Michaela is still studying cultural and social anthropology and politology at the university of Vienna), we couldn’t travel to all the festivals we would have liked to visit.

We can’t name all the events, we have been to, so let’s start with those that spring to our mind: Very important were the Orchidaceae Dance Intensive in Lissabon, Portugal, from where we have just returned, and Zoe Jakes‘ Dancecraft - Key of Diamonds training, we did in August in Oakland, California.

Other than these we are sort of regulars at: Infusion Emporium - Wolverhampton, England; Tribal Prague - Prag, Czech Republic; Tribal Festival Hanover - Hanover, Germany; Tribal Convention Nuremberg - Nuremberg, Germany; Tribal Umrah in Marseille, France and Prague, Czech Republic; Pressburg Dance Fest - Bratislava, Slovakia; Tribal Fest Budapest - Budapest, Hungary; und the ceased Split Tribal Fest - Split, Croatia und Tribal Fusion Fest - Brno, Czech Republic.

Other festivals we have visited once, but would like to go there again: Roma Tribal Meeting - Rome, Italy; Tribal Hafla - Warsaw, Poland, Shimmy Shake Festival - Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

For this year there is planned even more: Black Forest Tribal Fest - Oberharmersbach, Germany; Unmata ITS Level 3 Intensive - Osnabrück, Germany; The Tribal Experience - Barcelona, Spain; and TribaLX - Lisbon, Portugal.

And of course there were many more …

We see ourselves as lifelong students of dance, who are always looking for something new. We travel to develop ourselves as dancers and to develop our dance style. Sine 2008/2009 the two of us teach tribal improvisation and fusion and we think that it is our liability towards our students as well as towards the dance community, to do further studies in all the styles. Furthermore it is very inspiring, to meet people all over the world, who share our love for tribal. More over the core of the international tribal family comes together several times a year at certain festivals or intensives.
A short while ago you organised your sixth Caravanseray Vienna festival with tremendous success. How did your many travelings help you with that?

As we said before, we meet and get to know many dancers whilst traveling. These we invite to our Vienna festival personally. As we know from our own experiences, it takes money, time, and energy, to go to a festival. So having choices we opt fort that festival, which seems to us the most rewarding for our money, our time, and our energy. It helps making this decision, when you know the organisers already before going and have a first impression of what awaits you. This definitely beats site informations or what you hear through the grapevine about the festival in question.
Of course on our traveling experiences we learn from other festivals how to make our organizing better. Things that impressed us we try to build in in our festival. We like to talk to the organisers and swap experiences, even about the things, which should become better. The exchange of views, experiences and advice does help a lot.
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Come Closer Workshop
Sat, 1.10.2016, 15:00 – 17:00, 2h
, Level: open

A workshop for fusion dancers ready to think outside the box.
We’ll explore new ways of working with a partner, learning movements that we would never be able to do alone.
We’ll work with the principles of counterbalance, contact, silent communication and centering. Learn how to do lifts with minimal effort and maximal effect and equally important techniques of being lifted as easy as a feather.

Whether you are used to dance alone or with a group, this
workshop will show you fun ways of spinning your dance partners around and letting them fly!

please register here ...

Duo Nakari
is guest at the

6. Black Forest Tribal Fest
30. September - 2. October 2016

in Oberharmersbach
(near Offenburg)

Infos here:

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Photos © Brigitte Mühleder, Werner Nowak and Florian Hölbling
Your dance travels have it’s own motto: You want to spread the tribal spirit. As what do you see yourselves, as missionaries, as ambassadors, as culture intermediaries?
As ambassadors and culture intermediaries we see ourselves, when we are at home in Austria. Our aim here is to represemt tribal belly dance in a professional manner and to make it more public. For example, when we perform with our tribe „Wüstenrosen“ (Desert Roses) at Renaissance fairs, at block parties, at our Caravanseray Vienna festivals, or at the „Wüstenrosen“ open stages. Soon we will take part with the Nakari Choreography Project, "Dumbledore's Army Goes Star Wars" at the Vienna Comic Convention, where we will be guests of the Austrian Garrison 501st Legion and will perform before 20-30.000 Geeks, who most likely never before got in touch with tribal fusion belly dance.
It’s hard to believe, but this will be your first time at the Black Forest Fest! What do you expect from this important German festival and what can we expect from you? 

We’re already very exited to perform at the Black Forest and you are right, this will be our first time at this festival! On stage you will see our latest pieces, which had their premiere at the Caravanseray Vienna in August. There will be a new duet piece from Nakari and a cooperation with Eliana.

In our workshop „Come Closer“ we draw on Doro’s knowledge and techniques of contemporary dance, partnering, and its integration into tribal fusion. We will show you, how to work as two dancers with gravity and balance, how to lift, hold, and lean on each other, to bring more scope and range into your dance. We are looking forward to meet new dancers and to see old friends again in this creative and inspiring art setting.

Heartfelt greetings from Vienna,
Doro & Michaela

Interview with the Nakari duo
- by Marcel Bieger
Doro and Michaela travel to many festivals all over the world, know a great lot of stars personally, are one of the most popular dance duets in the community and organize one of the most important Austrian festivals, the "Caravanseray Vienna".

And now they will join the Black Forest Festival for the first time. It became about time ... Below they will tell us, where to they have traveled and why and what they will have in store for us in the Black Forest.