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Everybody knows Dud Muurmand, but we should get to know Lisa Bugel Jørgensen also. We already saw her in Dud’s group “Tribe of Gaia” and this year we will admire her with her first solo performance in Hanover. We are very exited about this, but also about her tribe “Asynja”, who will follow her to Hanover. They are all Vikings, of course, and we are starting to get goose bumps …
We have seen you perform with "Tribe of Gaia" in former years, this year we will also see you performing solo; are you going for a solo career, seriously?

I have been working as a soloist for quite a while already, but I have kept it mainly to open stages and to “Tribal Cafés” and “Dark Weekends” in Copenhagen. This festival I am happy to be a first time soloist on the Fridays show in Hanover and certainly hope it won’t be the last.
Please tell us a little more about the dance styles and training you have and how Tribal/Tribal Fusion met you

I started as an oriental belly dancer for fun when I was 14 and loved it. Then I ran into Dud Muurmand at a Hafla in Copenhagen and saw her doing an amazing solo. I went to one of her tribal workshops a few weeks later and then I knew that I was to dance tribal with this amazing teacher. This was 2007. In 2009 I joined Dud’s troupe “Tribe of Gaia” which has been a developing adventure for me ever since. Still dancing in Tribe of Gaia I started teaching and doing solo work. I have a special interest in storytelling and character building dance. I find tribal style very efficient for dramatic dance and my solos are often followed by strong expressions in different direction. I like to go dark, I like humour and I like to make interpretations of music pieces that are special to me.
As I love dramatic tribal fusion I also love ATS®. I have taken General skills and Teachers Training 1 with Carolena Nericcio and love to dance and teach this style of dance.
Would you care to introduce "Asynja Tribal" to us; who are the dancers and what does the name mean?

“Asynja” is an ATS®-based troupe, which main purpose is to represent the organization, “Tribaldance Denmark
( at cultural events in Denmark and Sweden and to our own events e.g. “Tribal Café” in Copenhagen. I started to train this troupe as a part of my close cooperation with Dud, who is the chairman of “Tribaldance Denmark”. We use the ATS® improvisation system and movements to make group dances that are fit for the different events that we are performing to. There are currently 7 other dancers in the troupe who are students of me or Dud. 4 of us are going to the festival in Hanover and this is the first time I present them internationally and they are as excited as I am.
“Asynja” is a name for the female gods from the Nordic mythology, so we are the dancers of the Nordic goddesses.
What will we see from you on stage?

Uh. That’s always a secret isn’t it… Well, I can say as much that I will be doing a character, actually one of my favorite characters so far.
I expect that cultural events in Copenhagen will keep coming up and we will keep showing the Danes what tribal is. Also I am still board member of “Tribaldance Denmark” and with Dud as the chairman I will probably suddenly be a part of some very cool projects.
Lisa Bugel Jørgensen
Asynja Tribe
What are your plans for the future as well as “Asynja's"?

I ‘m learning another format and hope to be finished with this education in autumn, so I can work more with my own solos and teaching and off cause… “Asynja”.
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Interview with Lisa Bugel Jørgensen

- by Marcel Bieger