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How to write an introduction for an interview with a trio from Argentina, which Leyla and Roland want to keep as a secret for their this year’s “Oriental Festival Europe”. Especially, when you communicate with three young senoritas, who are full of energy, charm and love of life. We here at “Hagalla” don’t have the faintest idea, what these three are up to in Duisburg, but one thing is for sure, we have become very, very curious. Why? Well, read the interview ...
Interview with
Hermanas Chiappero Revolucion
by Marcel Bieger
Please introduce yourselves 

We are Hermanas Chiappero Revolucion (Chiappero Sisters’ Revolution), three blood sisters: Andrea(oldest,28), Gisella (middle,24), and Antonella Chiappero (youngest,22). We dance, since we were five/six years old, when our mother put us into a ballet class. Along our life, we have studied a lot of dances and explored all ways to control our body. We found belly dance not just a way of dancing and expressing ourselves, but something that united us forever as sisters, where imagination shot up.

We gave shows along Latin America and the USA. Particularly our show tours promote our "Revolutionary Belly dance Technique" workshops and "Revolutionary Belly dance Style" performances, a new vision of belly dancing that we created a couple of years ago, where we fusionate and put all our abilities into belly dance.
We have our own ballroom in Córdoba, Argentina, where we teach all dances and acrobatic/aerial disciplines. So we are everyday all day through training up and down, exploring and exploring in front of the mirror.
You have a very unique and new dance style, which could be described as belly dance acrobatic

This arobatic belly dance is the last product of our “Revolutionary Bellydance Creation”. The main subject of this style is to transport the audience to the past, bringing back the Pharaonic woman model, where acrobatic abilities were developed as part of the royal education. Not an Egyptian odalisque, but Nefertiti’s profile for example. To change the way of how people see the Arabian woman artist. To show that Arabian women history has more than only odalisques.

In all our “Revolutionary Belly dance Technique” workshops we try to show belly dancers, how to explore other ways in order to find out about their own belly dance style, as we did
How is the belly dance situation in Argentine?

Argentina is the modern belly dance land, where stylized style was born. Saida Helou is the world’s first Argentine belly dance image. She is excellent and imposed her modern style inspiring thousands. Our belly dance grew up into it but we always wanted to look for something different and own, together. Mario Kirli´s music made that possible for everyone and particularly for us following that line by composing great music.
We know that Europe has good fusion-belly dance artists and that make it easy for us to show something different.

Leyla is very, very professional and has made of this event one of the biggest oriental festivals in Europe and the world. The one you don’t want to miss.

To meet Leyla and to show our work in her festival will be a great honour for us!

What are your future plans?

Our greatest plan is: To continue expanding our vision around the world together forever and ever until our bodies allows it.

Three big hugs from Argentina.

End of November the Hermanas Chiappero are guests at the
23rd Oriental Dance Festival of Europe
presented by Leyla and Roland Jouvana
in Duisburg.

The Hermanas Chiappero will also hold a Workshop that isn't announced
in the flyer:
Monday, 30.11.15 at the After Festival Party

"BD revolution technique a la Hermanas Chiappero"
and also "
Zumba Bellydance Fitness", Level: Masterclass ...
This will be your first time in Germany, what do you expect
(have you already met Leyla?)

This is our first time in Germany. We are pretty excited to know how people live belly dance and how they receive new fresh international artists.