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Several years ago from the far Hong Kong a certain Foxycat Alice came travelling to us and performed at the “OFE” festival of Leyla and Roland Jouvana. Like you can expect from an artist from an exotic place she shared a unbelievable enchanting and mysterious dance with us, the “Peacock dance”, which is quite famous over here since then. Foxycat Alice refines this piece of art every year and at this year’s “OFE” we will get to see the newest variant.

But she is also famous for her tips and tricks for stage make up and she will show is in a workshop, what’s her state of the art by now. And you have to read in the interview below, where she has been already, and you will be more than just astonished.

How wonderful to have Foxycat Alice over here, again, of course at the “Oriental Festival of Europe” end of November in Duisburg, Germany.
Interview with FoxyCat Alice

by Marcel Bieger

How has life been to you in the last 12 months?

2015 was a super fabulous year to me.

Firstly, Feb 26th is my birthday, i got invited to perform at the TRIBAL MASSIVE. Spectacular! This is a big stage for all tribal stars and the master teachers. Such a perfect birthday present!

April, I was invited to perform in Tokyo for the Tribal Events - There, I met my favorite dancer Mardi Love again. And taught the Stage Make Up for the 2nd time in Hong Kong.

In May, I taught the workshop in China, I got almost 200 students in my classes, and performed at the International Gala show.

From June to September, I had events with Leyla Jouvana and Aziza. I was very happy to meet them in Hong Kong.

And I did many performances in Hong Kong during the summer.

In July, I judged the Competition and performed in Vietnam, and taught the Tribal Fusion workshops there.

After that I taught workshops in Macau.

Here the Video of FoxyCat Alice at Tribal Massive in Vegas.
Click on the image and you will be transmitted to YouTube ...
YouTube Video of FoxyCat Alice's performance in Tokio, click the pic ...
In September, I performed a very new style - Chinese Opera Tribal Fusion Belly dance with my team in Tokyo, the event was called
"Le Tribaraque", (

Oct 24th was the date of my festival the Tribal Kong (孔), the International Tribal Belly dance Festival of Hong Kong, which ran for the second time this year and was very successful.  We had three tribal belly dance master teachers, Moria Chappell, Ebony Qualls, and Steven Eggers, and we had many best dancers from Korea, Japan, Ukraine, and China
TV-Interview with FoxyCat Alice on Youtube ... click ...
What will you bring along on the festival stage?

I would love to share my new tribal fusion drama "Faces". And the Classic “Peacock Fusion Belly Dance” in Dai mode this year.

What will you bring along for your workshops?

I prepared the wonderful peacock hand movements in the Dai style for the Peacock Belly dance workshop.

Second I will teach the Stage Make up and would like to share my unique Make Up techniques this time. Also I prepared a little cosmetic gift for my students.

Can't wait to see you, soon.


FoxyCat Alice on
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Photo © Yaniv Halfon
Photo © Konstanze Winkler
I travelled to Thailand to learn the traditional Thai dance after Tribal Kong, now I'm planning to make a new dance style with Dai & Thai dance movements

And I taught tribal belly dance on the TV of Hong Kong for 6 weeks from Dec 2014-Jan 2015
(please watch it from 7-14 minutes).
Also I got a tribal belly dance interview on the TV for the 2nd Tribal Kong (孔) on June 9th.
The artists of the 2nd Tribal Kong Festival in Hong Kong, which was organized by FoxyCat Alice
FoxyCat Alice (right) with her colleagues from the Chinese Opera