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Photos : Publication with kindly permission of Chloé Schwartz
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As we saw Chloé for the first time on stage, back in 2014, she was a shy young mademoiselle from France, who seemed a little forlorn on the giant contest stage of Leyla and Roland’s festival in Duisburg. But when she started to perform, she took the jury and the audience in sort of a hurricane. Deservedly, she made first place in the category „Fusion“.

As is custom at the contest „Bellydancer of the World“, several of the winners are invited to the gala shows of the following year (or the year after that, as in this case). And here she is again, Chloé Schwartz at the gala show of the 24th Oriental Festival Europe. Bienvenue et bonne chance, Chloé.

Interview with Chloé Schwartz

by Marcel Bieger

You are still very young, when did you start dancing and what styles did you learn? Do you still practice the other styles and do they help you with your fusion performances?

I started dancing at 6 and I've always been fascinated by the various styles and techniques. Since my youth, I followed a multidisciplinary education: belly dance, ballet, and modern jazz.

Actually, I'm a professional belly dancer and jazz dancer; a belly dance teacher, but also a certified modern jazz teacher.

I can use all the techniques I know to create my fusion performances and my expressiveness.

When and where did you met belly dance, how did it impress you, and why did you stay with it?

My family having oriental origins and I've been raised in this culture with its colours, its songs…

It's quite naturally that I began belly dance at 6. From the first day, I was fascinated by his various energies and styles. When I discovered his multiple facets, my passion was born and never stopped.

How would you describe your personal style in general and what are you aiming at?

The emotions, the expressiveness is all for me, my style represents who I am. Multidisciplinary and multi-cultural, my styles mixes techniques, energies and merges them to obtain a dance full of feelings and surprises.

I often make the comparaison: the more different languages we speak, the more people we can communicate with. I think it's the same in dance: by dancing several styles and by merging them, I hope to touch more people.

In the years to come, I would like to gain more techniques and to enrich my dance with all my experiences and all people I can meet.
You seem to come around a lot and have won tons of prizes both at national and international contests, do you see yourself as part of the French belly dance community?

I hope so. You can be sure, I will do my best for it!
How is the belly dance situation in France theses days?

To me, the belly dance doesn't have the place it deserves in France. I think it's unknown and not recognized as it should be
However, very interesting projects and beautiful initiatives organized by enthusiasts people exist: festivals, conferences, seminaries… We have a very large potential to explore in this country.

What will we see from you on stage at Leyla and Roland's festival?

The first time you discovered me (2014), I danced a fusion mixing different styles and techniques. This year, I will dance on stage a Baladi, typically oriental.

Yes! I have several facets!

What will you teach us in your workshop there?

I will have the huge pleasure to teach a workshop "modern'oriental - Orient meets Occident" during the festival. We will revisit a famous classic of Oum Kalthoum: Amal Hayati.We will mix pure oriental and modern movements inspired by the other techniques, while staying in the oriental soul! A rigorous work on the style, the technique, the variations of energies and the expression will be made; everything in elegance and in charisma.

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WORKSHOP with Chloé
Saturday, 26.11., 13:30 – 15:30 h
Orient meets Occident (Modern classical Oriental/Raks Sharki)
At the borders of Western and Middle-east influences, Chloé offers a dance training course mixing
both traditional and modern classical dance with strong expressions. Discover her style through powerful technical combinations and a choreography full of emotions to one of the most famous
music of the Arabic World
Chloé Schwartz is guest at Leyla and Roland Jouvana's 24th Oriental Festival of Europe, 22. - 28.11.2016 in Duisburg
Infos: and workshop registration here ...