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May, 5th 2010

BELLYFUSIONS Festival – 21st  to 23rd  January 2011 - Paris (FRANCE)

Following the success of the first and second editions which have gathered nearly 500 persons and 50 artists on stage each time, the BellyFusions festival is now looking for artists and professional companies who would like to take part in it for its third edition planned in Paris from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd of January 2011.

The first French Festival dedicated to fusions in oriental dances, is above all a major event in France, where artists are able to show their latest creations or even experimentations during a special evening show and 2 workshops.

The Festival will be open to a variety of styles such as Contemporary Oriental Dance, Oriental Flamenco, Gypsy Fusion, Oriental Salsa, Bollywood, Indo-Oriental Fusion, Indian Fusion, Bellypopping, American Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion, Gothic Fusion, Burlesque Cabaret etc.
A non-exhaustive list open to all forms of fusions with traditional oriental dances.

Send us your application form by mail or e-mail between till May, the 15th 2010.
May 11th 2010


More detailed planning for the MK-Hafla/Bellydance Party added The exact program will be ready soon!!

19:30h doors - shopping time :)
20:30-21:00/21:15 - hafla show part one
21:00/21:15-21:45 disco/party and more shopping time!
21:45-22:15/22:30 - hafla show part two
22:30-23:30 disco/party time!

Note: The show parts (1 and 2) will each be between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on the exact duration of the individual performances.

Don't forget to bring your hip scarfs/costumes and your friends for the disco/party time!! :) Or better yet, you can shop for new ones (clothes, not friends lol ;) at the fabulous bd shops La Bellini, Amira's Bellydance Fantasy and Tribaltique during the breaks!!


Hotel Tulip Inn, Wilhelminaplein 17
6411 KW Heerlen (NL) 
Hafla Performers/guest dancers:

Milka, Khalida, Amira, Amirah, Asiyah, Azaryah, Chadia,Luna,
Duo Kokoro, Hanaa, Iserona, Johanna, Majidah, Rebellyous, Rubina bellydance
and Shujana.
La Bellini -
Tribaltique - and
Amira's Bellydance Fantasy -
Price: 9 Euro (adults) 4,50 Euro (children 6-12)
Ticket reservation: Email
with your name, address and number of tickets to reserve!
July, 26th 2011


The German Tribal association D.A.CH. organises it’s first festival, “Colors of Tribal” in Elsoff (sited in the beautiful “Westerwald”), and many of Germany’s best in Tribal will show their art. Also on stage, Carolena Nericcio, Wendy Allen and Megha Gavin – all related with FCBD, if we may say so. Carolena has already done workshops in Germany, but never before performed here in public. This will be the case on July 29h. If you care for more, please contact Texte/Tribal DACH CoT Die Show.htm  - this site is in German language only. If you don’t understand this language, please contact us

If you come with the help of GPS this is the address:

Lasterbachhalle Elsoff

56479 Elsoff

GPS 50.5754, 8.12782

July, 26th 2011


World famous composer and musician, Phil Thorton will com to Germany end of July (29th) to Germany, to release his brand new album, “Tribal Spirit”. The event will take place in German town Elsoff (in the beautiful area of the “Westerwald”). He will also be the DJ at the dance party of this event, where he will play sort of best of Phil Thornton. With him will be FCBD’s Carolena Nerricio, Wendy Allen and Megha Gavin. Also you can see (most of) the prime of the German tribal scene. Promoter is the German Tribal association D.A.CH.
( Texte/Tribal DACH CoT Die Show.htm) This site is in German only, if you don’t understand this language, ask us -

If you come with GPS this is the address:

Lasterbachhalle Elsoff

56479 Elsoff

GPS 50.5754, 8.12782

September, 16th 2011


Judit Virag and Yvette Nuridsany from Budapest send us this:

Tribal Festival Budapest Vol. 2

This year we are going to organize our festival as a small, friendly, family atmosphere event, and establish a new tradition: I kept our guest, Samantha Emanuel (who was already there at Vol 1) on my mind during the search for the venue, and the place I found hopefully describes her style: wild and romantic. 

The Festival takes place in a villa that is sited at the heart of Budapest, with an amazingly helpful staff, beautiful environment, and with useful embellishments like 200 candles, 100 white flowers, and torches in the garden. The entire event with all the workshops, open stage evening, contest will ensure the cheerful ambience.

Time: November.11th –13th 2011. Please take a look at:

The entrance is limited because of the lack of space, please register as soon as you can! Our performers’ line up: Samantha Emanuel (UK), Téglás Krisztina(HUN), Martina Crowe Hewitt (GER), Eliran Amar (Isr), Novák Viktória(HUN), Rustiqua(SK), Khamsa Tribe(HUN), Sciahina(IT), Berill(HUN), Judit Virág (HUN), Alexis Southall(UK), Versus(SK), Alishaba(SK)

June, 25th 2012


To end certain uncertainties the European tribal association DACH wrote a letter to Carolena Nericcio, which we feel honored to publish here:

“Hello Carolena,
I need your advice. There's a big rumor in Germany about ATS®.
Someone spread the statement, that no one is anymore allowed to dance ATS® except the person is "certified". And no one is allowed to teach ATS® without beeing certified. And if someone without a cert is teaching ATS®, and would be discovered, the person will be punished with a penalty of 10.000 dollars.”

And they received the following answer immediately:

„RUMOR! One does not need to be certified to teach. TT is an elective. Heaven knows that ATS® spread worldwide because people just bought my videos (thank you) and started teaching and performing. Please let me know where I can post this info publically to put out the fire.”

We are happy to fulfil this wish!

July, 12th 2012


From Denmark there reaches us the following big news:

"TRIBAL CAFE VIII - Special Edition" /Copenhagen Nov.24-25 2012. We are happy to announce that the workshop program with SAMANTHA EMANUEL is now published and open for registration on our website:

At the same time we have also started the pre-sale of tickets for the Tribal Cafe VIII-show on November 24. If you wish to apply for a performance spot - please check the same page for details. We hope to greet you all welcome in Copenhagen for this event! Dud Muurmand, Tribaldance Denmark web: and:

August, 9th 2012


Just a small update to everyone on the huge interest we have had in Samantha's workshops since we opened up registration -  and also from lots of fantastic dancers who wish to perform at the Tribal Cafe VIII (November, 24th/25th)- which we are indeed so happy about. Everyone in Copenhagen is really looking forward to this event and to see so many of you here again. I think I can already promise you something special tribal happening.

In case you did not book your workshops yet, we just want to update all of you that we still have spaces - but not very many: right now we are down to the last 5 full weekend packages. So if you have considered booking, please don’t hesitate too long.

You can conveniently register on our website and remember,
dont hesitate to ask if there is something we can help you with. :) Dud

October, 17th 2012


on Monday, October, 15th 2012, we received the following obituary

"The dance world has suffered another great loss with the passing of an incredible icon. John Compton. As one of the most popular male bellydancers in the United States, he was best known for his work with his tribal folkloric troupe, Hahbi 'Ru, and his memorable performances spanned several decades. He was an amazing performer, talented teacher and a wonderful person, and his wit and wisdom will remain in our hearts forever.

Publisher/Editor, Zaghareet Magazine"
December, 6th 2012


Exactly 5,588 visitors were counted at the just ended 20th Oriental Festival of Europe in Duisburg, Germany. Whilst many belly dance events in Western Europe faltered in 2012 (some of them not just slightly) Promoters Leyla Jouvana and Roland managed to steer against the tide and not only reached their best numbers of the last years, again, but even bested them. What a triumph for their 20th anniversary festival! Even the renowned contest “Bellydancer of the World” was sold out! Responsible for this surely were the exiting shows and workshops but also the habitually  reliable and wear resistant management of the festival. We congratulate heartfelt and are looking forward to the next 20 years.
December, 23rd 2012


The “World of Orient” Hanover, Germany, which always has one or two surprises in store, awaits you with a new scoop in 2013 –
the1st International Fashion Award.

With catwalking, marvellous prizes and participants from all over the world. The categories are: Raqs Sharqi, Tribal, Folklore and Training Apparel. The pass word is: “Create the Next Costume Generation – Design tomorrow today!”, so apply now! Hagalla gives you here in a special service the conditions of participation and the forms. Come on, you are just one click away. Application deadline: January 31st 2013.

Participation conditions, Fashion Award.pdf
Registration form, Fashion Award 2013.doc

July, 18th 2013


Several young dance artists from Western and Central Europe have joined to bring a very special big event into life. At an annual basis and under the guidance of Dan Fullard there shall be a festival in an other European town. This festival series is called "Bellydancers of the Multiverse", and it will take place for the first time in Munich, Germany (August 10th-11th).

The actual members of this group are: Violet Scrap (Italy), Alexis Southall (England), trio Rustiqua (Slovakia), duo Nakari (Austria), Afsana (Czech Republic), Vesna Zorman (Slovenia), and Giuliana Angelini (Germany). The festival will be composed of a variety of very special workshops (at daytime) and a show hafla on Saturday evening, where not the teachers alone but also their students can take part and dance (an application is necessary for the hafla). More information for the event, the workshops and alle the rest, please check:

August, 7th 2013


Another blank spot on the European belly dance map is about to vanish: Romania will have its first own Tribal festival. Andrea Bonea, a dancer, who lived in the US for several years, and Hermina del Najah, her co-organizer and also a dancer, invite us all to “TribalFestBucharest” from 1st to 3rd November this year
( They have their own trailer:

And from abroad will come Ashley Lopez (USA), Manca Pavli (Slovenia), Alexis Southall (Great Britain), Sway (Germany), and Tjarda van Straten (Netherlands). We will inform you as soon as there is more ...
August, 12th 2013


Carolena Nericcio has just disbanded the main troupe of the “FatChanceBellydance®” and wants to continue as a consultant for ATS® groups. Since this is from part one of her “Fireside Chat” (dated August 11th 2013) we won’t even start speculating about the reasons and, what is more, the consequences of this decision, but wait until we have gained more solid information. (But you bet, we are working on it … )

August, 16th 2013


Romy Mimus, daughter of Enussah, has reached the top: She will dance officially with the Bellydance Superstars. These days the announcement reached us that the young artist from Nuremberg, Bavaria will perform at the BDSS tour through California in October (5 cities); not as a replacement for somebody else but as a regular member of the most famous bellydance troupe worldwide. Romy is the biggest BDSS fan since she was a child and she always dreamed of becoming one of them one day. She was discovered by the master himself, Miles Copeland, at the big show and Oriental Fair of her mother, “Total Oriental” 2012. In November 2013 she will be back to Germany, again, to perform at Enussah’s Nurembergian festival “Tribal Convention”. We applaud enthusiastically and want to know more.

Romy's homepage:

August, 30th 2013


From the organizers of the 4th Black Forest Tribal Festival:

Dear dancers, this year we shall leave the festival premises and show the world that we are here (and here to stay)! With two fancy parades through uptown Offenburg and a small tribal dance flash mob we shall beat the big ballyhoo drum for the tribal circus! On the same weekend there will be the Badenian wine festival in Offenburg and they will get a visit from us, too! This will be great fun for all of us! The circus director with the big top hat leads from the front and we are to follow him ... dressed up posh ... with or without stilts! Again and again we will fan out to make people happy with our flyers and then retreat in good order to have a go at the next crowd. It will be incredibly fun to flow like a tribal tsunami through Offenburg. To shout out to the world that there is tribal dance, that it is community, that it is fun, and that nobody can get happy ever without seeing it! So put on your finest dance costumes and let's move our asses!

Friday evening
before the Opening Show (ADMISSION FREE for the Show!!!) Meeting point: “Hotel Sonne”, Hauptstraße 94, 77652 Offenburg,
7:30 pm

Saturday noon: Meeting point: Hotel Sonne, Hauptstraße 94, 77652 Offenburg, 11:00 am

Flash Mob: After the Saturday parade. Meeting point (probably): historical town hall, Hauptstraße 90, 77652 Offenburg
image: historical town hall, to the right there is the building with the club "Schöllmanns" on the 4th floor.

September, 4th 2013


Raqia Hassan, who already last year adorned the jubilee festival of Leyla Jouvana & Roland will attend this year’s festival, also. The Cairene star is not only known as the teacher of teachers’, she also brought to live the „Woodstock“ of Egyptian Oriental Dance, the „Ahlan Wa Sahlan“ (and is still promoting it). She will be at the first festival weekend in Duisburg, Germany (November 22nd – 24th) and give at least three workshops. (

September, 6th 2013


“The Smoky Eyes” are so exited at coming to “4th Black Forest Tribal Festivall” that they would like to share with us, what solos they will be performing (the can be seen twice, on Friday and on Saturday)
Justine: modern oriental,
Manon: tango oriental
Blandine: Mission Tribal Fusion
The Normans (they are based in the Normandy) will show us their “Green Piece” (yes, right, a play on words) and they'll play many extracts of their famous show “Circus”, too.
Group director Blandine will give a workshop, also, about which she has to say: “I'll teach a Crazy Tribal Fusion workshop: After working on original combinations with "THE SMOKY Eyes - touch" we will focus on interpreting feelings to create a choreography inspired by "The Hatter" in “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland” and when we'll have managed that, we will go on stage to perform it on the Saturday Night Show” (at Black Forest Tribal Festival, of course). If anybody shouldn’t know by know Blandine was the first tribal trainer of male superstar Illan. That ought to be enough reason to take a peek at her workshop, isn’t it?

September 8th 2013


Anusch Alawerdian, promoter of the ISBF, writes: Dear friends,
we did it again! The 2013 ISBF was a huge success and we are all left with awesome memories. This all would have never been possible without the lovely highly talented participants, the amazing audience, the best line up of artists, our sponsors and, and, and … of course, the absolute best festival team ever! Thank you all so much for supporting the ISBF. We are now working hard on editing the DVD of the gala show and uploading many pictures and video's of the beautiful moments we had. Thanks again all for everything. See you next year in August.

Our Performers on Saturday: Aleksei Riaboshapka (Ukraine), Suraiya (Poland), Sarah Shahin (Italy), Anusch Alawerdian (Netherlands), Esmeralda (Brazil), Michelle Mahasin (Brazil - Contest winner of 2012), Guzel (South-Korea), Dance Company 'Mirage' (The Netherlands)
Performers on Sunday: Tineke Rouw & her show group (Netherlands),  Gina Chen (Taiwan), Daila (Czech Republic), Alina Babayan (Spain), Princess Turrini (Egypt), Aisha (Kazakhstan), Loretta (Netherlands), Performance of "Miss Summer Bellydance 2013"

With all the beautiful memories of the festival in my mind, I am now preparing for a short Asia tour before returning home: beloved "Arabian Nights Village" of Abu Dhabi in the UAE!! I am looking forward to my daily live performances there, starting 1st of October. I hope to see some of you at my workshops in Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia. Hugs, Anusch

September, 11th 2013


If you think of very special ATS® interpretations Martha Saunders springs into your mind. She was born and raised in the US, but lives now in Bavaria, Germany. In her workshop in Offenburg at the 4th Black Forest Tribal Festival she will delight us and her students with the following / (Tribal Summer Camp ,Offenburg 2012- My slow piece from the evening show). You won’t get to so much elegancy, mystery, and female pride every day.
September 22nd 2013


Accompanied by the background music of the election for the German Wine Queen 2013, incidentally at Offenburg, also, the official election of Germany’s First Tribal Queen took place at the 4th Black Forest Tribal Festival in Offenburg, of course and also. The audience as well as the stage artists were called up to vote for the best soloist and group for tribal queen or tribal queen group respectively. Many took their chance and thick wads of ballots had to be counted (more than 100). And now it’s official:
-      Tribal Queen (solo) 2013 is:    Masha Shushera
-      Tribal Queen (group) 2013 is:  “The Smoky Eyes”
We congratulate from the bottom of our hearts and hint at September 12th to 14th 2014 when the next Black Forest Tribal Festival will take place at Offenburg. You watch out, this will be the small jubilee, the Black Forest Tribal Festival will take place for the fifth time in 2014 with loads of surprises, attractions and stars, and in all likelihood the election of a new Tribal queen, you bet!

... 4th May 2010 - 22nd September 2013 ...