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Graphics and layout: Konstanze Winkler
"Magic Tribal Hair" at the Orientale (shows, workshops and bazaars, taking place in Düsseldorf in February/March annually)
Photos: © M. Penners
MAGIC TRIBAL HAIR's workshop of ideas
Nearly anything is impossible! From a modular system for tribal fusion accessories up to custom-made products
Interview with Melanie Penners
Part 2, by Konstanze Winkler, translation Melanie Penners
Nice to meet you again, Melanie. We talked to each other back in autumn 2010 and  obviously Magic Tribal Hair has been very busy since then. There is an abundance of new items regarding hairfalls, belt clips and among small accessories, too.

What are the most important innovations concerning hairfalls?

There are lots of new products, indeed, because I have collected so many impressions on fairs and bazaars giving me that much input! Baroque style curls can finally be produced as extra long hairfalls, which means 90-100 cm long for hairfalls of kanekalon hair. This is due to a new technique I discovered. Finally there are more basic colours for 100 cm long hairfalls as well. As a result, I am able to offer more colour combinations. I really missed some shades of brown and extraordinary colours like purple and blue before! This extreme length has become very popular no matter if worn open or as switch braid and I have been able to serve “more heads” since I have had the new colours!
picture above: extra long, black baroque style curls. right: Apsara Habiba with an extra long, fawn-coloured and plaited switch braid made of wavy kanekalon hair
There had been a huge demand for turquoise and petrol coloured accessories, so I added items of these colours in all product fields, not only accessories but also hairpieces. Now there are turquoise and petrol coloured fascinators and headpieces with feathers, belt clips, hip scarf, hairfalls of yarns and cowry belt clips. There are even 2 collections reserved for these colours in belt clips and hairfalls of yarns.
Above: hairfalls “Fairyland” and belt clip “Shire” worn as hair jewellery, both from the Fairyland collection
Hairpieces and belt clips from the Summer Wine collection
Now there is a huge offer of petrol and turquoise items!
But there are even more innovations among hairfalls: rasta falls, dread falls (hand-felted and fake dreads). Fake dreads are dreadlocks made of yarns which are extremely similar to felted ones but way lighter. Moreover it's possible to offer them at a much lower price, because they are far less time-consuming to manufacture. One has to say that hand-felted dreads of pure wool are superior in quality, of course! You pay around 50 € for such hairfalls, but you really have a life-long item, they even last longer than dreadfalls of fake hair!
Lately Magic Tribal Hair kind of revolutionized tribal headbands with braids and yarns; there is a whole new model based on a modular system: Belt clips are added to a basic combo-headband and can be worn as hair jewellery. But if you go for the classical variant of the tribal headband; this one is still available!
above, right: hand-felted dreadlocks of pure wool

right: fake dreads of dreadlock yarns, from left to right: dark chocolate dreads, tiger dreads as short hair variant attached to comb clips, kinky pinky dreads
And what's new in accessories?

New models of especially popular products as for example of cowry flower hair clips have been added. They were only available with a couple of different glass beads, but now there are also cowry flowers with beads of semi-precious stones like tiger's eye, rose quartz, amethyst, jade etc. I know Magic Tribal Hair neglected headbands and feather fascinators a little bit in the past, so there are lots of new models for all tastes: From simple to lush, from gothic to steampunk. The offer of products of the most popular colour combination black-purple was much too small, so I got creative, as you can see in the pictures!
It is really not that simple to find material, no matter if feathers, yarns or kanekalon hair in  beautiful deep purple, mostly things are only light-violet! There are lots of innovations to come in the fields of steampunk this summer, even if there are already many new steampunk belt clips and hair jewellery items with and without feathers. But I have just bought huge funds of clockparts, so it will soon get exciting, even for me! (laughs)
There will be lots of product novelties in the fields of steampunk this summer!
steampunk belt clips with cameos, copper ornaments and cogwheels from old clocks
Many new hair jewellery products like feather fascinators and headbands have developed parallel to the new collections of hairfalls of yarns, which you can see in the the picture with petrol and turquoise coloured items.
Last but not least there is a brand new product line called “hair(y) art”, because all these items are really small pieces of art!
above: Now there is a huge offer of headbands and fascinators with feathers and flowers!

left: One is also spoilt for choice when looking for small fascinators.
Wow, that's a lot! But before we go deeper into some of your innovations, I still have one question: Could you tell us more about your sources of inspiration?...
There are even more new collections for belt clips and hairpieces of yarns: Fairyland with shades of green and Summer Wine with berry colours in red and pink-purple. The Summer Wine collection is especially multi-faceted, because if you combine the berry colours with black, the hairfalls are perfect for gothic outfits and if you combine them with cream or brown, they match vintage costumes, so both mixtures are available. And last but not least there are also new items in collections that have already existed before as for example the GOTHIC collections of black- (wine) red, black- white and black- purple hairfalls.
rasta hairpieces with 68 braids each