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Graphic design by Konstanze Winkler
Apsara Habiba
Photos: Model pictures © André Elbing (, all others by M. Penners
MAGIC TRIBAL HAIR is being propelled by steam!
(And Apsara Habiba's fire!)
Part 1 of the new steampunk collection has just come out!
by Melanie Penners
dark brown steam dreads, size L extra
It's getting wild – which might not be a surprise to you, after Apsara Habiba's welcome! I have been working on many extraordinary products, last summer, and here are the first results! But why is it getting wild? Well, steampunk has lots of characteristics and does not automatically mean that you have to wear a „stiff Victorian frill blouse“. There is another aspect about steampunk, which can be seen in the USA, among role players but also in the local German steampunk scene: People dress up as adventurers, explorers, (airship) pirates or just as freaky creatures from a time which has never been!
Dreadlocks perfectly match these wild fantasy outfits! And Magic Tribal Hair has created a new generation of dreadfalls, which do not only look real but are extremely lightweight and thus very very comfortable to wear! They consist of about 0.5-1 cm thick yarns; the diameters vary, because there are different yarns.
Take a look at the dreadfalls in the first picture: They are as long as 90 cm, consist of 112 single dreadlocks but still weigh about 70 grams only! This turns them into a convenient product even for sensitive heads with thin hair. And there is even more about them: They are way quicker to make than similar hand-felted dreads, no matter if made from wool or hair and this is reflected by the price, naturally!
brown blonde steam dreads, size ponyfalls S
dark brown steam dreads, size ponyfalls S
Different sizes and colour combinations are available, here is a little extract of possible colours – there is surely a combination for every hair colour!
Of course there is a clip variant of these dreadfalls, too. It has strong hold in only 5 cm short hair. You can use the clip variant just like Apsara Habiba does – to create a wild look for her pirate outfit. She attached them criss cross to her steampunk hairfalls of kanekalon hair. She mostly used the hairfalls to make a huge wild bun at the back of her head.
Dread clips by Magic Tribal Hair look also wonderful when worn as highlights in long hair. Most dreads are not very thick, so they perfectly mix with your own hair and do not look artificial.
Other matching clip- in hair jewelry comes with plaited braids. There is also a special steampunk variant, now, with anchors, steering wheels, cogwheels and more as decoration. The braid clips perfectly match Apsara Habiba's pirate costume and are great to combine with dreadfalls – no matter if they are on clips as well or on a hair tie. Naturally all clip-ins by Magic Tribal hair can be attached to hairfalls of kanekalon hair as you can see step by step in the picture below.
right: attaching the clip-ins to hairfalls of kanekalon hair
above and left: Clip-in steampunk-variants
Long hairfalls of plaited braids also match steampunk outfits, just look at the ponyfalls of 7 1.5 cm thick braids in 90 cm length each – here in black and wine red.
If you prefer smaller plaited braids, you might like the new rasta hairfalls. There are not too many colour combinations, yet, so there are more possibilities than presented in the online shop. Feel free to combine colours differently – custom-made falls are fine with me!
left: Model Gracia