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News from (Tribal) Paradise:

Of Mermaids
and Shaman Women
dancing together in the
glow of Northern Lights!

The latest
Tribal Fusion combinations and hair creations
by Magic Tribal Hair

– presented by Belly Dance Star
Apsara Habiba
In the blooming Tribal Summer of 2012 Magic Tribal Hair launched 13 new Tribal Fusion combinations and many more new hair falls! I am happy to present you some of them here and now! Naturally all items are crafted accordingly the Magic Tribal Hair modular system which enables you to get creative and combine them in many ways! Use your hip tassels as hair tassels, transform flower and Steampunk hair clips into brooches, rings and arm bands, use hip scarves as hair scarves and vice verse...
Mermaid Collection: Combinations Mermaid and Dark Mermaid
Colours: Turquoise, petrol, fair green and a little black to put in some contrasts

With her bright blue eyes Apsara Habiba doesn't even need any fishtail to look like a wonderful mermaid! She is wearing a fantasy hair fall of her own hair colour, several hair flowers, 2 hip & hair tassels „Dark Mermaid“ combined with a petrol coloured glamour hip scarf. This is just one of many new cotton hip scarves with a touch of viscose to add a beautiful shimmer to the fabric. As the major part is cotton, the scarves stay in their place, which is an absolutely essential feature, as you wish to dance and move in your outfit! Safety pins will not harm such sturdy fabrics either; Apsara Habiba has secured her scarf at each side and put a hip & hair tassel clip on top of it.
Professional metal hair clips make all hair jewelry by Magic Tribal Hair stay in its place, even in 5 cm short hair. The clips don't have any teeth and can be used on jewelry without scatching it.
See how wonderful hip tassels look when used as hair tassels!
by Melanie Penners
Dark Mermaid Dreads, in the pictures you see size M, 60 cm long. If you don't want to go without any hair you can use the clip variant of the dreads to add highlights to your own long hair or hair fall! Moreover the clip variant is a great solution for short hair! Wear hip & hair tassel clips at a headband or hair scarf in short hair as well! And if you don't like this idea, yarn clips or dread clips are the perfect solution. The good news is that such a clip variant can me made of any yarn and dread fall (about 500 different models available) by Magic Tribal Hair! The clips offer save hold in only 5 cm short hair. (see picture below)
Larger hair flowers look great on arm bands, smaller ones on rings and earrings. It really is amazing how much creativity is left for combining such small things in many ways!
A little digression into the world of hair falls – number 1: Fantasy hair falls

Our wonderful mermaid Apsara Habiba is wearing a Fantasy hair fall. The Fantasy-thing about this hair fall is, that it consists of hair in 2 different structures: Creepy and wavy. This makes it a perfect match for many Fantasy characters like mermaids, fairies and pixies but also goes great with dark creatures like magicians, Steampunk pirates and tousled witches.

By the way, Apsara Habiba used a hair filler to cover the junction of hair fall and her own hair. The benefit is that the hair fall is secured a second time and has no chance to move any more. Hair fillers are small hair falls which can be used for many fancy hairdos; really precious little helpers, read more about them in
A little digression into the world of hair falls – number 3: hair fillers
Combination „September Sun“ from the Gipsy and Shaman Woman Collection Colours: Inspired by Indian Summer - red, orange and little yellow with black as contrasting colour

September Sun Combination: 1 dread fall size M, 60 cm long (another super light dread fall – your heads should still feel great in all this glamour!), lily hair flowers, glamour hair scarf and matching hip scarf in wine red with 2 hip & hair tassel clips, available with roses and lilies. (picture below)
September Sun hip & hair tassel clips worn on a black cotton net scarf (absolutely convenient for sabre dances and available in many more colours!). I attached a lily hair clip behind the lilies of the tassel clip, so the lilies on the tassel clip point to the doll's face and still don't leave any empty space because there are the other lilies behind them. Some hip & hair tassel clips need this further decoration when worn as hair tassel clip (picture right) – if you feel uncertain about such aspects you
are always welcome to contact me! Magic Tribal Hair won't exhibit at trade fairs and bazaars any more but  there is e-mail and telephone, of course.

You can also order everything, the dreads and the lilies, attached permanently to a headband as well. The headband comes with a support lace which is worn in the neck in order to avoid not wanted special effects during your performance! The advantage: A completely finished headpiece which is put on in a couple of seconds. The disadvantage: Can be used as hair jewelry only.
A little digression into the world of hair falls – number 2: Hair bun and open hair and braid coroner

Well, I assume you are asking how all these 3 things can be made of the hair of just one person's head, aren't you? You are right, this is impossible. Still if you are that blessed with hair that you can get all these things of your own hair, I hope you will not use it to make such a tousled bun! This is not good for your hair, so it is great to use a hair fall instead. Do you have a hair fall which does not look neat any more? Great! It will still serve this purpose perfectly! If you don't you can get an XL or XXL hair fall by Magic Tribal Hair, then you have enough hair to make the bun and have some open hair left!

In picture 9 you see an XL hair fall of which I used half the hair to make the bun. The plait is an extra hair piece and can be used as optical accent between your head and the bun. Or wrap it around your head as a coroner!
Apsara Habiba had the wonderful idea of using hair flowers as brooches and decoration on headbands, earrings, arm bands and rings! When we did the shooting she went into raptures over the sea of flowers and put them everywhere you could possibly wear them! Still all flowers look great when worn “conservatively” as hair jewelry as well, like with this huge tousled tribal fusion style bun.
Mermaid, Shaman Woman, Bird of Paradise and a magical smile:
Apsara Habiba (