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Skaði, Mermaid and a magical smile:Apsara Habiba (
FIRE And ICE Embrace

Magic Tribal Hair has been realizing your latest hair dreams – from natural to Goth, Steampunk & Fantasy style!

feat. Belly Dance Star Apsara Habiba
by Melanie Penners
Crafting your hair dreams has always been an interesting task to me, because they indeed are like blending fire and ice very often! As long as I can guarantee top quality I am happy to turn your hair dreams into „hair realities“. Quality may not be neglected, because you should be able to use your hair fall/ braid/ headband very many times; but luckily only some few dreams have to stay shadows. In the following I wish to present you some of the realized ones and always remember: They can all be custom-made in the color of your own hair!
Picture 1 Gracia with Yarn Falls „Fire“ and Fantasy Clip Hair Piece „Cymbals“. Apsara Habiba as Skaði – goddess of skiing and hunting in Norse mythology – wearing a pair of 90 cm long SZ braids
Let's start with some small but fine eye-catchers:
Fantasy Clip Hair Pieces

Fantasy Clip Hair Pieces like the „Cymbal“ Hair Piece in picture 1 are a specialty by Magic Tribal Hair and fanciful eye-catchers. They are attached to professional wig clips and they already offer strong hold in 5 cm short, fine hair. You can use them as highlights in long hair or hair falls of long hair or long strands in short hair - they will always be the icing on the cake or better on your hairdo and on your outfit!And last but not least you can clip them into yarn falls and superlight dread falls by Magic Tribal Hair! Naturally these smaller hair falls are also custom matched to your hair color or to a yarn or dread fall. At the moment there are more than 50 different Fantasy Clip Hair Pieces to choose from!
Picture 2: Gracia wearing 2 Steampunk Fantasy Clip Hair Pieces. The open braids are decorated with Steampunk elements like steering wheels, anchors, real vintage gears etc. On her shirt she has matching hair clips – hair clips by Magic Tribal Hair are multipurpose items: They can be worn as hair jewelry, brooch, shoe clips and you can even decorate your jewelry (rings, large earrings and arm bands) with them.
Picture 5: Braids with many, many peacock feathers – presented by Radeja and clipped into an Elven Yarn Fall!
Picture 3: Gracia with 2 hair falls with ostrich plumes, one straight and one wavy fall; these two structures are available for all completely plaited braids!

The other hair jewelry are 2 Nosferatu Amazon Lily Hair Flowers and 2 Black Nupsie Flowers worn as brooches.
Picture 4: Apsara Habiba (on the left) is wearing a hair fall with open braids, 4 peacock feathers and 4 large cowries. Many dancers also choose „cymbals“ (see picture 1) instead of cowries. All decoration is attached opposite each other to avoid backsides – the braids may twist and turn as they want to, but you will still see the peacock feathers!

Lilith (on the right) is showing you Peacock Feather Extensions: The braids are thinner in this model - to make them mix better with your own hair. These extensions look best in your own long hair or in a hair fall of long hair. Apsara Habiba is also wearing a New Paradise Yarn Fall and Blue Dream Hair Flower Set with peacock hair clip, by the way.
Picture 6: These clip-ins with fair peacock feathers are especially precious! It is the same hair piece as in picture 5 but comes with fair peacock feathers which shimmer from cream and beige to gold and copper. Amazing with Steampunk, Vintage and Fantasy costumes. You can see the matching Hip & Hair Tassel Clip „Dark Antique Peacock“ in picture 9. Victoria's hair buns are made of two wavy hair fillers just in a couple of minutes, by the way! Her elf cameo ring will turn into a hair clip and a brooch in the following.
Picture 7: These little eye turners with fair and natural peacock feathers are brand new! Together with a Fantasy Clip Hair Piece with peacock feathers they make an enchanting set of hair jewelry. The smaller ones can be used perfectly as shoe clips, just like all hair flowers by Magic Tribal Hair. Fair feathers are best with dark and red hair. The „Peacock Heart Fascinator“ comes in two variants (on the right in the bottom line and 2nd picture from the right side on the top line) of which the one with the dark feathers outside is perfect for fair hair, too. All fascinators in this collage are decorated with antique brass elements but are available with antique silver decoration, too. You can also see many headbands here – which I will tell you more about later!
Picture 8: Various Magician Hair Falls
1st Magician peacock size M, 2nd Magician “Cymbals” and ostrich feathers size M, 3rd Magician cowries and ostrich feathers 2 x size M attached to 2 pigtails, 4th Magician cowries and pheasant feathers size L, 5th Magician “cymbals” and ostrich plumes (close-up of 2nd hair fall) size M, 6th Magician „cymbals“ 2 x size M worn on pigtails. The pack of two is wonderful for Fantasy hairdos – the completely plaited braids can be draped artfully and be fixed with hair pins.
The Magician Hair Fall
is nothing but a large version of the Fantasy Clip Hair Pieces! It comes in two sizes (M with 5 strands and L with 7 strands and the pack of two of the same size at discounted price) and it is available with many different decorations! A Magician Hair Fall is attached to your own ponytail like all hair falls by Magic Tribal hair and can be ordered with the new fishtail attachment upgrade, too. This special and comfortable attachment system was topic of my previous hagalla article. If you are interested in seeing and reading more, just click here. Magician Hair Falls are a custom match to your hair color, of course!
Get creative - Magic Tribal Hair accessories are designed to be combined in many ways!
Wearing peacock feathers in your hair is a great opportunity to add some hip & hair tassels with peacock feathers to your belt, skirt or hip scarf as well! I hope you will like my new creations! By the way, these are also wonderful as hair falls, too, but when combined with Magician Hair Falls or Fantasy Clip Hair Pieces they are better eye catchers when worn on your hips. If you wish further hair jewelry with your Fantasy Clip Hair Piece or Magician Hair Fall I recommend a peacock fascinator like in picture 7 or some hair flowers – the brand new 2013 hair flower collection is in the web shop, now! Or add a braid headband custom matched to your hair color.
Picture 9 „Time to dance!“, the clock ladies say! Or more precisely: Time for Steampunk Belly Dance, because these are Dark  & Fair Antique Hip & Hair Tassel Clips with peacock feathers! Model Antique comes with a butterfly on antique brass ornament as decoration and Dark Antique has a full vintage watch movement.
Picture 10 Hip & Hair Tassel Clips Mermaid Peacock (seen with Fantasy Wild Style Hair Fall), Fairy in Paradise and Black Paradise. In addition Apsara Habiba is wearing a Paradise Cymbal Flower as brooch and Super Light Dread Fall Paradise in size M with 80 single dreads.
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Photos ©: 1-4 André Elbing ( 5-10 Melanie Penners