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German Belly Dance Star Apsara Habiba (
Flowing dream manes, peacock and (Red) Passion
- Magic Tribal Hair equips
for the Fall Tribal Session!

The latest long hair dreams and eye-catchers with peacock feathers for your costume and hair
– with Apsara Habiba!

by Melanie Penners
left (pic. 2): Apsara Habiba as fairy queen with 2 extra long hair falls, size L, wavy hair
Many new products just in time for Tribal fall/ autumn & winter! Incredibly long plaits and hair falls for natural and Fantasy looks, numerous big and small eye-catchers made of and with peacock feathers, not to forget some new Tribal Fusion belly dance combinations!
In the following you will get a little preview of the new adornments!
above (picture 1): Apsara Habiba as Skaði, Goddess of hunting and skiing in Norse mythology, with 2 extra long hair falls (ponyfalls M) of creepy hair, amazing 100 cm/ 39'' long
Extra long hair falls and Fantasy plaits

Long hair is always an eye-catcher, regardless of whether you practise classical Oriental Dance, Persian Dance, Bollywood, American Tribal Style or Tribal Fusion! Flowing manes or plaits look wonderful when you are moving! Picture 1 shows a 100 cm/ 39'' long hair fall of creepy hair and picture 2 one of wavy hair, which have already been part of the products range for a long time. Just like the 55 cm/ 22'' long hair falls which come in even more structures. Now all these wonderful hair falls of high quality kanekalon hair are also available with the brand new fishtail attachment.
The perfect attachment solution for long and rich hair falls and in case of your own hair being rather fine and shoulder long only! This usually means that the ponytail of your own hair is rather thin and short, so the classic elastic hair tie attachment is often insufficient especially with larger falls. Up to now some of you could only buy smaller hair falls – these days are over! Not to forget that this attachment is also very comfortable with the new super long (fantasy) plaits, even if you have long and thick hair! This is because you need not open the braid to plait it together with your own hair - which is plaited together with the fishtail attachment, now. Absolutely essential when you are in a hurry getting ready before your performance, I bet you don't want to plait a 100 cm/ 39'' long hair fall then!
How does this new fishtail attachment work?
The new fishtail attachment comes in addition to the classic elastic hair tie attachment. So all hair falls are still attached to a strong elastic, but the two thick strands of hair of the fishtail attachment can be added on demand. Naturally these strands are made of the same colour as the rest of your hair fall and are thus custom matched to your hair! The strands are 1/3 of the length of the rest of the hair fall and the fall is attached the same way as without the fishtail attachment: It is pulled over your own ponytail with its elastic hair tie the way that it is hanging over or under your own ponytail. So the first two steps, making the ponytail of your own hair and pulling the hair fall or plait over it, have remained the same. Now you have to hide your own hair and secure the hair fall so it will perfectly stay in place and this is where the fishtail attachment is very use- and helpful. Put your own ponytail in two strands as well and plait each of the strands with one strand of the fishtail attachment. You receive two additional plaits which are now wrapped around the junction of hair fall and your own ponytail.
3: Radeja with two 90 cm/36'' long Elven Plaits with fishtail attachment
You can also plait only one of the strands with your own hair. Then the open hair is wrapped around the junction first and the plaited strand afterward, see picture 2. This is how the mini buns get more volume.

If you wish the mini buns to have even more volume, you can wrap around all hair unplaited. I recommend plaiting the first few / the first two inches together with your own hair, because then the construction gets more steady, as you have a basis you can push the hair pins through as well. Twist the loose parts of the strands slightly to make the hair more compact when you wrap it around and secure with hair pins.
Picture 4: Single attachment steps shown with a Rapunzel Plait
When should I order a fall with or without fishtail attachment?
The pictures show you that the fishtail attachment makes a small and neat bun. So your hair and the hair fall are artfully combined with each other and still the attachment is very easy to handle. So the fishtail attachment is already great just to get this gorgeous bun look! But there are more advantages, for example extra strong support. In contrast to the 55 cm/ 22'' hair falls, the 90-100 cm/ 36-39'' long ones really add some weight to your hair! With the additional attachment the long plait or fall will not pull and tweak.

People with fine hair which makes a rather thin ponytail could not use larger and thus more voluminous hair falls that easily, so I recommended taking a size L for open hair falls and the smallest plait size. This restriction indeed is not necessary anymore, as the new fishtail attachment offers that much hold, that even an XL hair fall can be attached safely to fine hair! And last but not least the junction of hair fall and own ponytail is perfectly camouflaged with the fishtail attachment and you cannot see that a hair fall has been added! And even if you have long hair this might not offer the same comfort as it mostly not rich enough to cover all of the junction. Plus your own hair won't be stressed in case it is plaited with the fake hair of the fishtail attachment,  compared to when it is wrapped around the junction alone.
In picture 5 (above) you see Lilith with a wavy, 55 cm/ 22'' long hair fall size XL with the new fishtail attachment. Here all her own hair and fake hair of the attachment have been plaited together and the plaits have been wrapped around the junction. The other accessories in the picture are one of the new plait clips with peacock feathers and brass coloured flowers and butterflies as decoration and a matching peacock fascinator.

These items are also available with silver decorations. The hair rose tiara is a hair band, so it comes in one piece. But you can also order single hair roses which can be combined in many ways to get wonderful nostalgic looks, see pictures 12, 13, 18 and 19. Naturally these little eye-catchers are also custom-made to match your hair colour, just like all items of kanekalon hair by Magic Tribal Hair! And the hair roses come in different sizes as well.
Snow White, Rapunzel and Elven Plait

Being part of the new Fantasy hair falls collection by Magic Tribal Hair, these lovely adornments have names derived from fairytales. But they are absolutely real and a wonderful variation to usual 3 strand plaits. Naturally these will stay part of the offer by MagicTribal Hair as well, because they and the new Fantasy Plaits are really long-life and carefree hair pieces! All plaits are made that way, that you can open them, comb and plait them again – never will you have to wear a dishevelled plait! Even the Fantasy Plaits are normal 3 strand plaits in plaiting, the adornments run with the flow and the hair is prepared that way, that the pattern will automatically be completed by plaiting. So all the complicated work has already been done by me and been fixed for you and it will stay that way! Each of you who is able to plait a normal 3 strand plait can thus care for her plait appropriately and will have a long life item!
Even more glory & glamour –
Peacock and Red Passion Collection news!

Colours: Reds (from bright red to wine red) with black and with some models a little white as well.
Picture 6: This new magician hair fall model comes with the new fishtail attachment, too!
Picture 7 (right): Radeja as Snow White with a super long Snow White plait, also with the new fishtail attachment!
Picture 8 (above) Fans of peacock feathers will adore this one: Red Passion Peacock hip & hair tassel clips, which can be worn as hair adornment and hip tassels, so a two in one item! Shown with hip sarf “Vampirella” and as hair tassels with a new Supersize Fantasy Plait, which makes this huge bun when you wrap it around its own beginning!
Picture 9 (right): Lilith shows you what the Supersize Fantasy Plait in picture 8 looks like when it is not put to a bun! The plait is really lush, 10-12 cm/ 4-4.7'' wide, 5 cm/ 2'' thick, 50 cm/ 22'' long and still as light as 120 grams! To make the bun you just have to twist it around its beginning once, tuck under the end and secure it with hair pins!